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  • Bathroom plumbing repairs
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  • Water line repairs


  • Water shut off service
  • No hot water service
  • Sewer backup service


  • Water tank refresh
  • Faucet repairs
  • Drain clearing


  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Kitchen fixtures
  • Water heaters


  • Emergency shut off
  • Sewer clearing
  • Sewer repair


  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Kitchen fixtures
  • Water heaters



Yes! We are very passionate about the value and importance of the Licensed Plumber. 


We believe the MOST IMPORTANT difference between a person who can do plumbing stuff and a Licensed Plumber is NOT what they know. That is the easy part. The BIGGEST difference is that Licensed Plumbers know what NOT TO DO. And that matters a lot. 


This said we do have apprentices. You'll be able to spot them easily. They will be with one of our Licensed Plumbers. 

The standard 40-gallon hot water tanks cost $550 to $700 for the equipment itself. It depends on what kind of hot water tank you are looking for though. 


Nowadays you have the choice of a variety of tank sizes, tankless water heaters options that never run out of hot water, and hot water heaters that use electricity or gas. All of these options have different levels of complexity, safety, warranties, and costs to install. You also have choices in brands and supporting equipment to enhance the water heating system like hard water filtration and UV protection. 


The specialized knowledge that our Licensed Plumbers possess from years of experience and training, fully stocked trucks with all the right materials to do the job the first time, safety procedures, and licenses (for things like gas fittings), specialized equipment to get you up and running quicker, and the convenience to get it done right at the correct settings the first time all play a huge role in the cost of installing the right hot water heater for you.


Our upfront price includes absolutely everything you will need to get the right water heating system installed the first time quickly, safely, and with all the necessary permits and inspections to stay compliant with the county. We even waive the $89 diagnostic fee when you choose us to do your water heater installation and don't forget to ask your Licensed Plumber how you can save 10% on your purchase with our Castle Club membership, 6-year comprehensive parts AND labor warranty, and low monthly payment options. 

As you can well imagine, there are an awful lot of people out there who have just enough knowledge on how to install a hot water system to be dangerous. This has led the county to put in protective measures to keep residents safe from gas leaks, electrical fires or electrocution, and water contamination. 


We are very proud to be Licensed Plumbers at Royal Plumbing with decades of experience and training to ensure we keep our customers and staff safe, healthy, and alive.  

No! For minor drips or a minor clogged drain, we will fix the problem right on the spot for $89!


If the drip is a leak, or we discover the greater problem causing a clog or sewer backup, our Licensed Plumbers will need to assess the situation with our truck full of specialized tools and all the most commonly needed parts to get the job done right quickly the first time. 


The good news is that if we end up having to do a more complicated repair, we are happy to waive the diagnostic fee in lieu of the price of the service call, saving you money every time!

Mrs. Smith always told me, "never be cheap with service providers, only products, because the services you pay less for are not the same service, but the products will always be the same products". 


That really stuck with me. 


There are 2 ways to do business, the cheap way or the right way. If you want the cheap way, Royal Plumbing is not going to be the right choice for you. 


But if you don't have time to waste getting things patched up over and over again, and you prefer to spend a little bit more money once than a little bit of money a whole bunch of times, you will appreciate what our Licensed Plumbers have been trained exceptionally well to do for you.


Part of our endless training is how to do a job quickly without cutting corners. We believe great service is about making things fast, easy, and safe, and the decades of training and experience we invest in all of our Licensed Plumbers are paid back to you in the time and energy you don't have to waste to get the job done right the first time. 

The industry has done a lot of research on the best way to offer prices. We know that dealing with ever-rising or unknown costs is a real fear and frustration for our customers. 


This is why we charge a single upfront price that won't go up on you or surprise at the end, even if it takes longer to do the work than expected or the price of the equipment and materials shoot up. 

All parts come with a 1-year warranty to replace the defective part. Royal Plumbing will match the 1-year warranty with a 1-year labor warranty, allowing us to replace your defective part at no additional cost to you. 


Be sure to ask about our Castle Club membership, where your 1-year parts and labor warranty is doubled to a 2-year warranty for members. 


Check out our Royal Decrees for more warranties and guarantees. 

Yes! We are proud to offer our Castle Club Membership for annual preventative maintenance of all your vital water systems and fixtures. 


Check out our Castle Club to see the full details on the services provided and perks of membership. 

Yes! We believe that a slow drain is a clogged drain, and a clogged drain is clogged by a potentially bigger issue than a gooey gob of hair. 


We believe the only way to economically find and fix the issue is to use a camera to identify the problem from the inside out and fix the root cause for the clog or sewer backup. 

Rarely do you require a hydrostatic test when buying /selling a house in the great state of Texas.


If a technician comes with a fancy hydrostatic machine or worse yet, a camera to identify any potential issues or leaks, send them away immediately and call us. 


The static test is a much less complicated sewer line, water line hidden leak test, and will identify any problems or leaks in your water system, including under the slab. 


There are some situations where a Hydrostatic test may be necessary, but nearly never do you require it for buying/selling a home. The static test (also known as a sewer/water leak test) will identify everything you need to do to verify your home's water system is in good condition. 

Hydrostatic tests are often misused or misunderstood in the industry. Very often the less expensive solution, the sewer/water hidden leak test (static test), is actually what you need.


A proper hydrostatic test requires a Licensed Plumber with years of training and experience to hook up and analyze data from specialized pressurized equipment to identify leaks and flow issues that are unlikely to be detected otherwise. 


Done incorrectly, the hydrostatic test can irreparably damage all of the plumbing in the entire home. 


Our hydrostatic test covers the costs of the specialized knowledge, training, and tools needed to do the job correctly alone with the required insurance in the event that Royal Plumbing damages all of your plumbing. 


What's most important to know is that you likely do not need a hydrostatic test, but rather a static test to verify that your water system is in good repair. 

Yes! Royal Plumbing offers a variety of finance options, including 0% same as cash, low rate, low payment terms, and bad credit options.


Ask your Licensed Plumber for the best options for your situation. 

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